One of my dad’s friends was seriously injured while fixing our furnace

One of my dad’s friends was seriously injured while fixing our furnace.

I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen when I was told that he was fixing our furnace.

This guy is definitely not an HVAC technician. In fact, when my parents told me that he was going to be coming over to fix our furnace, I was shocked. I was surprised that he could fix anything. This guy was a known drug user, and I didn’t know that he had any skills. The furnace is actually located in a large closet near the living room, and he was fixing it during the weekend while I was home from school. I wasn’t really concerned about him fixing the furnace. The only thing that I really cared about was the video game that I was playing. I was playing a game that I enjoyed, and he was fixing the furnace in the background. I was so into the video game that I totally forgot that he was fixing a furnace. However, while he was fixing the furnace, he accidentally bumped a power wire and shocked himself. Now, when it happened, the only thing that I noticed was that the power to the entire house went out. I was frustrated because I didn’t save my progress in the game, but when I found out that my dad’s friend hurt himself badly fixing the furnace, my whole attitude changed. He had to be rushed to the hospital, and my parents were worried. I guess that we should have called an HVAC technician. That is probably what they are going to do now.

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