No more heating issues please

For a long time, I used to undoubtedly dread the entire span of the Wintertime, however what once was just another season to me, except a bit colder outdoors, became a season of dread.

Why? Because for the last 4 years our heating unit wasn’t working, so our previously boiling house became ice chilly within moments of the Winter cold.

Roughly 4 years undoubtedly doesn’t seem that long unless you are living it! I swear, I literally had to wear sweaters in our own home, which was crazy! Unfortunately, even after that I couldn’t afford a Heating & Air Conditioning repair, so I just had to deal with it. I’ll tell you, my air conditioner still worked, but our air conditioner was the last thing I needed in the horrible Winter time. It was hard, however last Winter, out of desperation & sick of the constant chilly Winters, I actually started looking around for other possibilities apart for wearing a trillion layers & having a cover wrapped around you! This is when I found out about ductless mini splits. To be totally certain, I was looking at ductless mini split heat pumps, which are known for being the most incredibly energy efficient. Looking at the prices, our heart sank. It would likely take myself and others a long time to save up enough money for a mini heat pump, I am already just barely scraping by as it is. I forgot about it, until I mentioned it to our mother. It turns out she had ductless Heating & Air Conditioning! I practically begged her to borrow it from her, but I didn’t need to, because she didn’t want the ductless multi split in her place anyways. I have been using the heat pump for awhile now, & it works great! I am feeling so ecstatic that I don’t have to dread this upcoming Winter.