No AC after a hurricane

I remember when I was 12, a devastating storm hit the town that I lived in, but the town took a direct hit and a lot of people were out of power for a while, after a frightening night in the dark, wondering how long the storm would last, the sunshine finally came out and we were all shocked at the outcome of the powerful storm. This was the middle of the Summer in a southern region, so you can imagine the heat that we had to endure during this time. The people I was with and I cooked on the grill and used water from the pool to flush the toilets. The people I was with and I were not used to this kind of residing, most of my friends had power after a few nights however for some reason, my family’s lake house did not get power back for 4 weeks. The people I was with and I finally broke down and had my uncle bring us a generator so that we could run electrically to a portable air conditioner. My entire family slept in 1 room for 2 weeks until the power was back on, but i remember going to my friends lake house and thinking how we had taken electricity for granted my whole life! When the power finally came back on, we were thrilled to learn that the AC was still working in all of our rooms. A month without AC in the heat can entirely build some character, or at least that is what my dad told us. The people I was with and I are forever grateful for the nights we get to spend in the AC during the Summer months.

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