New job isn’t all I hoped it would be

Just a few weeks ago I started my brand new job working security for a particularly well known museum in the city, however the only reason that I was able to get this job is because my father knows the guy who manages the site, and upon telling me the news that I would be working here he thought that he had done me a big favor.

While I have to confess I was rather cheerful for this new job working at this museum, it hasn’t exactly been a good experience for me.

The hours were not ideal, and I have started to turn into a guy who sleeps all day and is up all night. For my first month of working here I have been working the late night shift exclusively which has proven to be an irritating experience. When working this shift all that I can do is rest in the office, the severely cold office that has the world’s strongest a/c, in order for the museum to preserve all of the old things inside of it they need to keep the a/c in the building running all day, every day. This was something that wasn’t mentioned to me when I was given the job, but going through an entire night freezing my tail off due to an overpowered a/c is starting to get to me, however now don’t get me wrong I am thankful to my father for getting me this job when I needed it, but I need to find something else that I can do that does not involve me freezing to death each night.


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