Need “zoo donations” to keep the lights on

When I was going to school I knew that I wanted to help animals.

I wound up getting a biology degree that included a basic medical education.

After that, I decided that I probably didn’t actually want to become a veterinarian or humane society worker. In fact, I would prefer to keep my animal interests separate from my income. This is how I wound up taking in injured and abandoned animals on my own dime. The neighborhood was more than happy to assign me the title of unofficial animal rehabilitator. Soon, everyone was dropping off random domestic and wild animals for me to care for in my spare time. This was all well and good… Until I realized how expensive it was to manage the indoor air quality and air temperature for a household of assorted critters. It turns out, you can’t rely on a large central heating, cooling, and air quality control system without giving it a lot of professional attention when you have animal fur and dander floating through the air. My air filters were consistently being clogged with the animal hair and debris. Then, my heating, cooling, and air quality control system was struggling to perform. Meanwhile, I was asking the air conditioner and forced air furnace to keep a consistent indoor air temperature so my pets could recuperate without additional stress of temperature fluctuations. Of course, this resulted in my heating, cooling, and air quality control system breaking down. Then I had to face the unfortunate reality that paying for a new air conditioning unit and furnace was way out of my budget. I suddenly found myself collecting donations for my hobby “zoo.” Luckily, the neighborhood was happy to help and a local HVAC repair shop even donated their services.



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