My personal HVAC alarm clock

I have been living in the exact same house over the past twenty years. Despite how long I lived in one area, when my wife and I finally pulled the trigger on moving down south for warm weather and a more relaxed lifestyle I never thought that I would actually miss my old house. Due to a very strange quirk about my old house however, I have been having a pretty hard time adjusting to my new life down south. Back at our old place we had this super old and beaten up heated gas furnace that would rattle and pop during the winter months like there was an animal trapped inside of it. Well maybe it doesn’t sound exactly like an animal, but it sure doesn’t sound natural. Well, My wife and I used to complain about the furnace every once in a while when it got extra loud, but it was never anything to call the HVAC company about. Anyways, now that we are living in a brand new home that has radiant flooring there are no longer sounds being made in our home at any time of the day. Over the years I had grown accustomed to the rattle and pop sounds to help me drift off to sleep at night, and now without them it just feels too quiet. Who would’ve guessed that having radiant floors instead of an old furnace would be a problem for me? What can I say, I guess I am just an old school type of guy and will always be that way at heart!



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