My partner in fitness class is tiring

I am breathless and covered in sweat.

My friends and I have signed up for a group fitness class once a week at the core progression in the area. It is a wonderful excuse to hang out with my friends. We take our fitness class, go out to dinner and have a great time together. The fitness class is not something we take all that seriously. We just want to burn sufficient calories to eat our weight in pretzels and drink wine without feeling guilty afterwards. The personal trainer likes to have us do partner work during class. Since we are a group of 5, one of us is left to partner with a random person. I am always the extra person and I end up partnered with this girl named Cindy every week. She is insane about her workouts. Cindy takes the class seriously. She is determined to get a strenuous workout in. When the trainer asks us to do leg lifts, Cindy throws my legs down so forcefully that they crash to the mat. When we throw a medicine ball back and forth, Cindy won’t let me take it easy. She always wants one more rep, to go faster and push harder. By the end of class. I can barely lift my arms. I am breathless and covered in sweat. The rest of the week, I am quite sore and exhausted because of her. My friends think it’s hilarious and deliberately make sure I get paired with the drill sergeant every week. The personal trainer often has us demonstrate exercises because Cindy is so dedicated to doing her best at everything. She refuses to let me slack off during class.


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