My newly purchased used car is already experiencing issues with the air conditioner

I have never had good luck when it came to purchasing cars. Neither of my parents were savvy at haggling or making business deals. Needless to say, they never had good advice to give me before I went to a dealership for the first time. I walked onto that lot like a lamb strolling into a slaughterhouse. Although I only wished to test drive a few cars, I was pressured and manipulated into signing loan paperwork on a car that was over 15 years old and riddled with problems from front to back. Even after paying to get much of the car fixed, I could not keep up with the quick digression in its mechanical life. It died while I was on the interstate one afternoon and I was forced into a small median for an hour while I waited for roadside pickup. I worry that I am reliving the same experience with my current car, despite this one only being six years old. Right now it is having issues with the air conditioner. First I was told that the coolant simply needed to be refilled; but when that didn’t work, I discovered the compressor was broken and the car would need extensive repairs to rehab the air conditioning. I paid the money to fix the a/c, but now the heating system seems to be broken as well. I’m getting further into winter up here in the northeast and now I’ve discovered that I have no heat inside my car. I hope someday in the future I learn my lesson when it comes to buying cars.

HVAC serviceman