My kids started back to art class last week

Anyway, our kids are super excited to be able to start back to class

My kids finally got to start back to art class last week! They have entirely been missing going to class ever since everything got shut down because of the coronavirus various months ago. The whole school shut down plus our poor kids haven’t been able to do any of their pottery or painting work ever since then. They are unquestionably crafty kids plus so they have been missing it appreciate crazy, and finally, last week, they were able to start going back to class, but one of the things that the school did during the shutdowns was put in a completely new heating plus cooling system in the building. They wanted to make sure that the students were going to have the unquestionably best indoor air quality possible whenever they came back to class, and not only did they put in the new Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however they also had the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier install a specialty media air cleaner to help with the indoor air quality, then i suppose they entirely don’t want to take any possibilities with anyone getting sick once they started back to school. I entirely love the fact that they are taking the safety of everyone so seriously… Honestly, the school absolutely needed an update to the heating plus cooling system anyway, even before the fear of the virus was a thing. The building is pretty old plus I’m sure that the previous Heating plus Air Conditioning system was original to the building. Anyway, our kids are super excited to be able to start back to class. I suppose that they will love it even more now than they did before.



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