My HVAC equipment was making some crazy noises

There are definitely times when you just know deep down that something is wrong with equipment in your property! This was the case when I kept hearing this loud squeak every single time my central heating and air conditioner equipment would come on! This was going on for a number of weeks and I didn’t actually know for sure what was going on.

What I did understand was that my property was not heating or cooling the way it should have been.

At this point I called the heating and air conditioner equipment professionals to see if they could figure out what the noise was and why my central heat and cooling equipment was not performing to its full strength. I felt like a real idiot when the heating and air conditioner specialist looked at me with this really crazy look and told me that a few of the air vents in my property were mostly closed! I didn’t even know about this. But had I been a little more on top of things I absolutely would have been able to figure this out entirely on my own. So it was my fault that I blew a few hundred dollars just to have the heating and air conditioner equipment professional open up my air vents, laugh at me and tell me that it pretty much was something that a 5 year old child could have taken care of! This will teach me in the future to pay closer attention to things and actually troubleshoot more when something isn’t right instead of heading straight to the phone to call a professional and waste cash… Especially when it comes to my central heating and air conditioner equipment.

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