My husband got a furnace for a Christmas present.

My husband and I had noticed that our heating system was slowly dying.

I knew we needed to get a new furnace.

We had known we needed one for the last two years. We worked hard to save the money, but as it often happens, something usually came up that needed the money worse. We kept putting off the inevitable and the holidays were on the way. I had been working hard for the past six months and I knew I was going to get a bonus for the holidays. I thought that with the way things were working out, it may not be as high as it usually is, but whatever the bonus was, it was going right toward a new furnace. My husband came home the other day and told me he had won the big prize at work. I didn’t know anything about prizes and he said it was for the worker that got the best and most reviews from customers. He had been working for an HVAC company for the last year. He was just an apprentice technician, but all of his customers loved him. He said he had won the contest and he got the prize. When he told me what the prize was, I was in shock. The owner of the HVAC company was offering a gift certificate toward any purchase of HvAC equipment. Our furnace was our Christmas present, thanks to his boss and all the clients he had worked for over the year. What the gift card didn’t cover, my bonus did.

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