My floor looked like a small pond.

My husband has a habit of going overboard when he finds a project.

He always wants to have the best and do more than is necessary.

His motto is that if you’re going to do something, do it better than necessary and it will last longer. This motto goes for whether it is his RC helicopters and cars, or for work around the house. The last time he did this, I had the worst mess possible to clean up. I told him about the humidity in the house. I thought we needed to install a dehumidifier into the HVAC system. Our heating and air conditioning worked well, but he had to do more. I had talked to the HVAC company and they could install a whole home dehumidifier that would automatically drain outside and there would be no fuss or mess. We would have a type of thermostat where we could set the amount of humidity we were comfortable with. Instead of going with a simple whole home dehumidifier, he talked about upgrading the entire HVAC system. Throughout all of this unnecessary work, he never once addressed the humidity problem. When he was done with all of his upgrades, I asked him about the dehumidifier. He was a bit chagrined, and he simply walked away from me. The next day, he came from work, with a portable dehumidifier. He was quick to set the dehumidifier into the basement. Unfortunately, he didn’t think about the reservoir that needed to be emptied. When I went down to do my laundry, the dehumidifier was overflowing and I had about an inch of water on the basement floor. At least I had dirty towels to clean up some of the water.
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