My father is ready to sell some of his precious collection items

He won’t even let some family members into his collection room

My father has always been a huge collector of baseball cards, football cards, comic books, and other things of tremendous value. He has the most amazing collection and he keeps everything in a special collection room that he has. He has all kinds of beautiful displays of some of his most valued collection items. He told me a long time ago he invested in the right HVAC equipment to keep everything in mint condition. He explained how it’s absolutely essential to use a good humidifier to keep the humidity levels just right. I learned from him that if the humidity levels are too high, his collectors items could grow mold and mildew which would ruin everything and render them worthless. He said if the environment was overly dry, the cards and comic books could easily become destroyed that way as well. So he keeps the ideal temperature control settings, humidity levels, and all to keep everything preserved perfectly. He actually had HVAC zone control installed in his home so that particular section is always just right. He rarely lets anybody into that room, only people who he knows he can trust. He won’t even let some family members into his collection room. I’m pretty sure he was even suspicious of the HVAC technician who upgraded his HVAC system to HVAC zone control. Recently he has been telling me that he means to get his items appraised so that he can sell a few things. I feel it’s a shame that he has to get rid of some of his precious collector’s items, but he definitely could use the money.
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