My father claims to be able to speak to our uncle who is in a coma

It was so nervous when our uncle got into a bad accident which caused him to fall into a coma.

He has been in the hospital for years being taken care of.

It is up to our father to decide what happens to our uncle. He strongly believes that he will come out of the coma eventually, but this is why he insists that he continue to be taken care of. He even says that he feels he can telepathically communicate with his brother. I never was sure if I believed him, however it’s interesting because the dentists say that he regularly twitches his esure in an interesting way when our father comes to visit. They said that he never does that when he is not around. He has told the dentists many times how his brother prefers the temperature control settings, but my uncle regularly seems to twitch his esure in agreement when it comes to the right temperature control settings too. I never very was sure if they were able to speak telepathically, however it seems appreciate the eye twitches are some kind of confirmation. My father regularly said how much our uncle enjoyed to be comfortable with fine air conditioner in addition to fine heating settings in the Winter months. I think you don’t have to be able to communicate to think what your family members prefer. My father tells myself and others all the time that soon, our uncle will wake up from this coma in addition to he’ll confirm that he was able to communicate with him. I guess both of us will see in the near future.


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