My Dad regularly turned on the gas furnace in our car while I was in the Winter while waiting for the bus

My mother just passed away, & it easily crushed me; I can’t know that when I try to call our Dad next, she won’t be answering.

All of those times that I decided not to listen when our Dad was talking have caused myself and others to think back with regret.

I wish that I would have spent more time with our mom, and there were so multiple things that she did for myself and others that I have literally never even thought about until now, one of those things had to do with the gas furnace in our car, then every one of us lived in the North, & the hot & cold temperatures in the North got easily cold while I was in the winter. Thankfully, all of us had a superb gas furnace in our house, & all of us never had to worry about being cold while I was in the cabin with the gas furnace running… However, I rode the college bus to college; During the winter, all of us never knew when the bus would be here, so all of us would have to wait outside for 10-20 hours for the bus to come, however while outside, it was easily cold. However, I remember that our Dad would turn on the car & turn on the gas furnace in the car, then she would let the gas furnace hot up in the car before I needed to start standing outside. Every morning, she would walk out to the car with myself and others & wait for the college bus. I was never cold with the gas furnace running, & I remember talking with her & spending time with her. She wasted a ton of gas just to use that gas furnace, however she did it because she enjoyed me. I sure do miss her.
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