My college experience is getting ruined by my unruly roommate

Back when I was a young teenager looking forward to heading off to college, I was harshly gleeful for a new experience.

But I didn’t have the most ideal high college experience during my numerous years there, so after all of the cool stories I heard from my siblings about college it was nearly the only thing that I was able to focus on; well, for the past couple of months I have been at college and I have not been enjoying my time.

However, part of it has been due to the classes that I have been taking, and the other more sizable part of it has been due to the fact that my roommate is an honestly controlling person. I could tell that we were going to have problems on the first morning that I moved. And almost instantly after I tried to turn the air conditioning on to cool down after an hour of moving things in, my roommate that will remain nameless began to berate me as if I had actually stolen something from him. But then he went on to talk about how he is honestly sensitive about the air conditioning settings and I was not allowed to change the air conditioning settings under any circumstances! Not much has changed from that first morning, and at this point I am just glad that I’m now home due to the virus and no longer have to deal with him. However, despite the poor start I guess that my experience will get better. But there is no occasion that I will be moving back in with him once I do return to college.

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