My best neighbor plus I constantly do something fun

My best neighbor plus I have known each other for a legitimately long time… Every one of us met in elementary college plus both of us even attended the same High School, my best neighbor plus I constantly do something fun in the summer.

  • Ever since both of us got our driver’s license, both of us have been going on fun road trips.

Every one of us went to an outdoor concert a single year plus both of us also drove to the other end of our state several plus outdoor music festival… This summer, our best neighbor plus I decided to drive halfway across the country to see some of the natural sites. Every one of us were especially hopeful to go pale whitewater rafting down the river. My best neighbor plus I left on a Monday morning to make the 22 hour drive. Every one of us ended up staying in a hotel on Monday night, even though both of us were originally planning on making the drive in a single day! Unfortunately, our automobile was having a lot of complications with the AC. Every one of us had to run the AC on the max setting, plus both of us still did not have legitimately much cool air coming out of the vents. I tried a few problemshooting tactics, however I could not figure out how to get more chilly air out of the AC. My best neighbor plus I decided to pull over for the night plus start fresh in the morning. I called our Mom about the AC trouble plus he suggested adding refrigerant. I went to an auto parts store the next morning plus they helped me add refrigerant to the AC. That did the trick plus the cool air was superb during the rest of the trip.

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