Much better indoor air quality with HVAC

It appears that as I continue to age, I have so many more details to manage in my life.

There are times when all of it can become a bit overwhelming to deal with and I just want to put my face next to the HVAC vent.

Just eating a couple of pieces of cheese comes with repercussions. I really didn’t think it would come this. If I want to go play golf or tennis, I have to stretch and ready my body for at least a half an hour prior. Don’t get me started on all the pain killers and anti inflammatory meds. And, I seem to require more time inside the HVAC comfort of my home to recover from exertion. Oh and my allergies are worse. I have always dealt with seasonal allergies. But they are getting worse. So, I decided to do more about it than take yet another prescription. I called the HVAC people and set up an appointment for them to install a whole house air filter. Fooling around with anything else would simply be a waste of time. The whole house air purifier fits inside the HVAC air handler. From there is emits a high intensity UV beam over all the air coming in from the HVAC return. This way, the UV light is actually killing the DNA of the airborne pollen. That means much, much better quality indoor air. I breathe easier and my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced. Hey, it’s just one less thing I have to deal with. And with the way it’s going, I’m pretty thankful to have one less detail I have to manage.
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