Looks like we will need to invest in creosote logs plus chimney sweeps

My wifey plus I owned a really nice condo for several years, however my wifey always said there was something missing.

She was entirely raised in a condo that had a fireplace, plus she told myself and others how much she really missed great in front of that fireplace.

It’s not exactly easy to find a nice locale that is already equipped with a good fireplace, plus I guess that’s why we didn’t have a single. I wanted to make my wifey glad, so I decided to look into the cost of fireplaces. I realized that my wifey had a traditional wood burning fireplace. I didn’t guess she would like anything like a faux fireplace. She legitimately wouldn’t want to go for a gas fireplace either. So I was looking at the masonry fireplaces which are really costly to have installed. I knew for her though, it would be worth it, so I made the arrangements to have it done. When she l earned about the new fireplace installation, she was so glad. I guess I even saw a tear come out of her eye when the fireplace was finished plus we had a stack of firewood ready to go for it, then one thing I have l earned though is you have to keep up with the fireplace properly. It has to be cleaned by chimney sweeps or you risk having a chimney fire. It is also recommended that you burn creosote logs to help lower the amount of buildup in your chimney. I figure as long as we burn some of those creosote logs plus get a chimney sweep at least once per year, we should be okay.

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