Looks like I have an HVAC sugar daddy

There are times when my friends love to make fun of me for the questionable decisions that I make in my life.

I honestly understand where they’re coming from and I would really do the same if roles were reversed.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that I have made some controversial choices that other people struggle to understand, but most recently, my friends were giving me a particularly tough time in regards to my most recent love interest. Now, to be tolerable I wouldn’t exactly say that this is a kindred spirit love connection… So much as we both have things to offer each other. Namely, the rich outdated man that I have gotten involved with can offer me resources for my indoor air handling needs and I can offer him my youthful beauty. You see, roughly a year ago I went through a major heating and cooling disaster at my household, and out of nowhere, my forced air furnace stopped working in the midst of winter. I right away had to reach out to the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership to make an emergency repair appointment! At that point, the emergency repair fees and professional Heating and Air Conditioning expenses totally wiped out my savings account. A few weeks later when my Heating and Air Conditioning device broke down again, I had no options for replacing the indoor air handling devices… That’s right around the time when I accidentally started the love interest with the heating and cooling shop owner. He asked me out on a date and I agreed without thinking much about the consequences. Happily for me, the consequences included a lot of free indoor air handling devices, Heating and Air Conditioning advice, and professional services with no charge. I suppose it’s a bit shady, however at least I have indoor air temperature control.

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