Looking forward to my upgrade

With winter about to come in the next month or so, I have been planning a huge change in the way I heat my home.

I had researched everything to find more information on heating and the best way to save money.

And well, I found it! The answer was getting a geothermal heat pump. A geothermal heat pump is a bit of an investment I have to admit, but in the end, the geothermal heat pump is going to save me and my family a whole bunch of money on the energy use that would usually be wasted and drained on central heating. We are getting rid of the central heating in exchange for the geothermal heat pump and I can not wait! From what I gather, the heating from the geothermal heat pump is actually better than what a central heating system pumps out. It has a better air quality to it and isn’t as dry when you have to run it all winter long. Along with the geothermal heat pump, I am also getting a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat will help add to the energy savings of the geothermal heat pump. I will be able to program it when I am not around, and also it will eventually program itself to turn the heating off and on whenever it is needed. And when it is not, then it will shut off. This is going to make the heat pump work a lot more energy efficient than if I had a manual thermostat. So really, with this geothermal heat pump and the smart thermostat, I will be saving double!



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