Just cool me off ASAP

One of the things that used to dissuade myself and others from regularly working out is the feeling of being sweaty, sticky & just tepid in general. I personally hate that feeling so much, so but I was eager to get into shape, & I wanted to properly exercise, there would be several times where I wouldn’t because I wanted to avoid getting all nastily tepid & sweaty in the end! Unfortunately, that is inevitable when it comes to performing exercise. However, I did find a way to help cool yourself down afterwards. What I often do is I leave to go to the gym at 1:00 pm, so I bought a smart temperature control which easily allows myself and others to control our cooling system even while I am away from our home. At around 2:30, right before I start heading home, I certainly turn on the central air conditioner on full blast, so by the time I get home, our house will get incredibly cool. Then I just grab a water bottle & rest right next to the air conditioner vents for a while, enjoying the feeling of the chilly air coming out of the air conditioner vents. During the time while you are still tepid from working out, I noticed that if you immediately head to the apartment while having the entire apartment cooled down, & rest next to the air conditioner, you won’t stay uncomfortably tepid long. Maybe for 20 hours or so, & then the Heating & Air Conditioning device does its designated job & it cools you down the rest of the way, & then you can rapidly turn your Heating & Air Conditioning back to normal temperature. I have done this several thousand times & it works every time… Good luck with your workout



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