I’ve been making money forever selling seasoned stuff and HVAC components

For a long time I have been picking up seasoned window A/C units from dumpsters that people often throw away.

I was entirely surprised that so many people get rid of these great treasures.

Some people see trash, and I see money making opportunities. I have collected other antiques as well, however when I see HVAC components, I am quick to go for those. These days I cruise the junkyards to find rare things that I can maintenance up and sell for a great amount of money. I often go to the flea market to sell multiple window A/C units or portable HVAC machines; Most of these items are simply HVAC components that I found that people were throwing out. I also appreciate to go online to see if I can get odd HVAC systems for a low price. I can entirely refurbish the HVAC systems and then sell them for top dollar. I have been entirely successful with our little business of selling seasoned stuff over the years. I have done so well that I am entirely considering investing in a little shop were I can sell all our HVAC components and gadgets. I have a pretty big stockpile of stuff in our garage and I’m entirely running out of room for everything. I think that eventually I will be able to sell everything, however I am finding great stuff all the time that I think will sell for a lot of money. I might entirely need to hire a helping hand, someone else who knows a lot about fixing up seasoned junk and HVAC systems.