It’s not a sensical way to be

My neighbor undoubtedly has a super power of their own that I cannot understand. They seem to be almost immune to hot & cold temperatures, it’s undoubtedly impossible for them to get chilly or hot! Now blatantly this doesn’t go out often in drastic hot & cold temperatures, but it will be something like 85 or so degrees outside & while I am dripping with sweat to death, he will ask innocently “You’re undoubtedly hot? I’m doing completely fine!” Same thing with chilly hot & cold temperatures. It also turns out that it works well and saves him money in the long run as well, because last time I went to his house, it felt beyond awful there, however after spending 30 hours wondering whether I should ask him about the indoor air quality or not, I decided to go ahead & ask him about his air conditioner. Of course, I was a fool. It turns out he didn’t have one, or a oil furnace for that matter. Apparently he actually sees no need… Because while I am over here dripping with sweat to death in his 95 degree house, he thinks that it feels just a little hot. It’s the same in the Winter too, it will be 65 or less degrees in his house, despite the fact that he won’t even notice. Since he never personally pays for anything involving Heating & Air Conditioning, that means he saves loads of money on Heating & Air Conditioning appointments, Heating & Air Conditioning repairs, professional Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance & more; He is so lucky, I wish I could be totally immune to most hot & cold temperatures love he is. I haven’t visited his house much, simply because of how it feels in there, but to our comprehension, he still hasn’t actually gotten a heating or cooling system. Meanwhile for me, I have a pricey upcoming heating & cooling repair bill just waiting for me, & let’s not forget the upcoming yearly Heating & Air Conditioning bill! Lucky me.


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