It’s always something when you’re a homeowner

When you are the owner of a house and you have to be in charge of all of the upkeep and repairs, it just seems like the jobs will never stop coming.

For example, this year when the weather finally started cooling off after summer, our furnace broke down.

I was so annoyed when I went to turn the thermostat up and nothing happened. I switched the thermostat back and forth from heating to A/C a few times, but all it did was click. I was basically in disbelief at that point because over the summer, I had to replace our central air conditioning system too. I couldn’t believe my bad luck when I realized that not only did I have to replace the A/C, but I was going to have to replace the furnace unit too! Talk about having to pay a fortune in A/C bills! I guess when you own a house, it’s just always going to be a huge investment. There’s always something going wrong, it seems like. I remember my parents getting irritated with broken windows or a leaking roof or a messed up HVAC system back when I was a kid. Back then, I never really understood why stuff like that made them be in such a bad mood. Now, though, with this broken furnace right after a broken A/C unit, I can definitely relate to those bad moods! I was definitely in a bad mood when the bill came for the A/C repairs in the summer. I am trying to brace myself for the huge heating repair bill that’s in my future.


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