It was a bit much, don’t you think?

Shortly after our girlfriend suddenly moved into our apartment, she decided it was time to change the furniture plan.

I told her that I did not want to spend all my cash on current furniture, however I did want to make her happy.

The locale in question did not exactly look to be the style of cabin where a lady would live. I had a foosball table in the corner of the kitchen in addition to an aged broken Lazy Boy in the living room. When our girlfriend finally moved into the apartment, I did not even have a living room table. I agreed and I accompanied our girlfriend to a high-end furniture auction. The furniture auction we attended contained several odd furniture styles from 5th AVE to French Classic to Mediterranean. The showroom was giant in addition to expansive and we had various places to browse all of the high-end furniture pieces. My girlfriend had her heart set on a particularly wonderful piece of furniture for the living room. It had a sophisticated look to it in addition to feel in addition to I thought it would look good in our cabin every day too. I saw a piece of oak cabinetry that I wanted for the den. I entirely wanted to purchase the oak cabinet. It reminded myself and others of a piece of furniture that actually used to be in our Grandparents home before they moved all the way down in to the deep south… Unfortunately, it was far out of our budget. Every one of us tried to get the wonderful sofa for the living room, but our cash was a major issue.

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