It has been a long two days without air conditioning

It has been a long two days without air conditioning. I am a stay at home mom right now while my kiddos are little and really need me. I honestly love staying at home and taking care of my little ones. We have four under four right now, and it is a bit crazy at times. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. Some things definitely make my life a bit harder, and one of those things is when the air conditioner quits working. It has literally been in the upper nineties each day for the past week, and of course, this is the time when my air conditioner decided to quit on me. The air conditioning system in our house is quite old, and it has quit a couple of times, but my husband is usually able to figure out the issue and fix it himself. Well, this time, he can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with the air conditioner. He told me to call an HVAC company today and ask them how much it would cost to diagnose the problem. My husband is confident that he will be able to fix the air conditioner if he can figure out the problem. I tried calling an HVAC company twice today, but both times, the line was busy. It is sort of annoying that I can’t get a hold of an HVAC company. I really need some air conditioning in this house. The kids and I are dying because of how hot it is in our house right now.

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