It has been a long 2 afternoons without a/c

It has been a long 2 afternoons without a/c, and i am a stay at home mom right now while our kiddos are little and honestly need me.

I truthfully prefer staying at home and taking care of our little 1s, but the two of us have more than three under more than three right now, and it is a bit deranged at times.

I wouldn’t change it for the world though. Some things honestly make our life a bit harder, and 1 of those things is when the a/c quits working. It has literally been in the upper nineties each afternoon for the past week, and of course, this is the time when our a/c decided to quit on me. The a/c method in our apartment is quite old, and it has quit a couple of times, however our husband is usually able to figure out the issue and repair it himself! Well, this time, he can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with the a/c! He told me to call an Heating in addition to A/C business this month and ask them how much it would cost to diagnose the problem; My husband is confident that he will be able to repair the a/c if he can figure out the problem. I tried calling an Heating in addition to A/C business twice this week, however both times, the line was busy. It is sort of discouraging that I can’t get a hold of an Heating in addition to A/C business. I honestly need some a/c in this house. The kids and I are dying because of how sizzling it is in our apartment right now.

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