I won the raffle at our local HVAC company

Our local HVAC company here in town held a raffle this year for a free air conditioning tune up and yearly maintenance service.

They sold tickets at one of the events that the Chamber of Commerce held earlier in the year and I bought a ticket.

I hardly ever buy any raffle tickets or anything like that, though, because I literally never win anything at all. I can’t even remember ever winning a game of bingo or checkers when I was back in school! Anyway, when the HVAC company called and told me that I had won the raffle for the air conditioning tune up and maintenance service, I was shocked. I was also happy, because I have really been needing to get my central air conditioning system tuned up for the summer and I just keep putting it off. I know that it needs cleaning and maintaining, and I also need a new air filter for it. Now, all I have to do is make an appointment with the HVAC company and they will come and take care of the whole thing at no charge! I can’t believe I won. Now, I will have an A/C system that should work well at cooling down my house all summer long. Not only that, but after summer is over, they will come back and get everything ready for the winter, too. I’m thinking about doing some upgrades to my HVAC system now that I don’t have to pay for maintenance this year. Maybe I will have them install a UV light air purification system for me next time they come out to check on the A/C.

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