I was able to get a nice air conditioner,

I had been looking for a new air conditioner for about two weeks.

  • I couldn’t believe they didn’t have any air conditioners in stock.

I had to look in several stores before I was even offered to have one ordered. I decided to order an air conditioner, even if it wasn’t being delivered for almost two weeks. The air conditioner was really nice and I told my husband I had ordered one. He was still angry at my trying to move the air conditioner on my own. I had the mess cleaned up before he got home, but there was no way I could hide that the air conditioning unit wasn’t in the window. So, two weeks ended up being a month and then another two weeks. The weather was already beginning to cool off by the time the air conditioning unit was delivered. My husband didn’t say anything, because he knew this was going to happen. He told me that there wouldn’t be any air conditioning units available during the summer. He also told me some other things, but I can’t talk about that. I have to admit that the air conditioner I bought was much nicer than the one I destroyed. My husband finally forgave me when he felt how much cool air was coming from the AC unit. He told me he would give me the money which I had to smile at. I told him I took it out of our joint checking account. He didn’t look happy at first, but then he started to laugh and he gave me a hug.


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