I love my new furnace

I genuinely love my new furnace! I wish that I would have installed this heating plan a long time ago! If I would have known how awesome this heating plan was, I would have bought this furnace. I used to have a gas furnace before I bought this furnace. I didn’t mind the gas furnace, but the gas furnace was definitely problematic. First of all, the gas furnace was old, plus the gas furnace needed to be replaced. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised about the gas furnace because I knew that the gas furnace was old plus needed to be replaced. However, besides the repairs that I was having to do for the gas furnace, there were more concerns… Even if the gas furnace was working properly, having a gas furnace comes with concerns. For instance. When you have vents for your gas furnace on the floor, those vents dictate how you can organize your room; Also, when you have a gas furnace, it can be harder to hear something on the cable when the gas furnace was running. That is why when I remodeled my house, I had the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist put in a weird category of furnace. Instead of a gas furnace, I wanted radiant heated flooring. Basically, radiant heated flooring works by heating your apartment through pipes located under your floor. I wish that I would have installed this heating plan before. Not only is it completely silent, but it heats my apartment so much better than my gas furnace ever did. Sure, the radiant heated flooring was more overpriced, however I believe that this heating plan is going to be worth it in the long run.


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