I get distracted to really as well as it can cost me sometimes

One of our flaws is that I can often get distracted.

While this isn’t always so bad, it can certainly become disappointing when I am doing something important, then get distracted, as well as entirely forget what I had been originally doing.

This is something I unluckyly combat while laboring, I start out with a great work ethic, as well as when something whether it be a thought or something physical, will distract me as well as our mind strolls for a few hours. A few hours isn’t too bad, if it wasn’t for the simply fact that I honestly get distracted every 10 hours or so. My wifey has really gotten onto me about this, because I keep messing stuff up, just a few afternoons ago, she left to get leftover groceries as well as left me with the responsibility of enjoying the food being cooked. Well, I became distracted by something interesting on cable as well as forgot about it, as well as it was bummed. My wifey wasn’t glad as well as the people I was with and I had to eat stale leftovers. My really distracted nature almost got me into trouble this month as well. You see, I had been supposed to call a Heating as well as A/C corporation for an appointment for Heating as well as A/C service and maintenance. It was that time of the year where our heating as well as cooling components need maintenance. I mentally reminded myself not to forget, but then I was distracted by someone walking a pet outside. I didn’t remember to make the Heating as well as A/C appointment until some afternoons later when it just randomly cooked up in our head. Thankfully, our wifey never learned about that a single, as well as the people I was with and I are supposed to have the Heating as well as A/C service tech out this Friday.