I forgot to change the air filter

The $159 fee is my responsibility to pay

When the air conditioning stopped blowing chilly air, I really didn’t suppose I would be the cause of the problem, then after all, I moved into the cabin plus plenty of people lived there before me. I figured it might be time to upgrade the system. I was experiencing a loss of chilly air over the last couple of weeks plus I knew it was related. I called the landlord plus I told the guy that I didn’t have any chilly air. I told him that the problem has been occurring for a couple of weeks. The landlord called the Heating plus A/C service contractor plus they sent a guy to look at the system. It only took a minute before the guy found the problem. The ductwork was filled with dirt plus dust because I never changed the air filter over the last 2 weeks. The landlord told me when I signed the lease that I was responsible for changing the air filter every week. When I found out that the A/C issue was due to my negligence, I knew the landlord was going to make me spend money for the repair. Sure enough, I gained a bill from the Heating plus A/C contractor in the mail this week. The $159 fee is my responsibility to pay. I would call my landlord plus argue about the charge, however I feel it was my responsibility to change the air filter. I didn’t follow the directions plus the $150 charge will be a constant reminder not to make the same mistake in the future. I will not forget to change the air filter again.

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