I dropped my humidifier and broke it

I dropped my humidifier and broke it.

I am quite disappointed in myself to say the least.

I did not want to have to buy another humidifier already. I literally just bought that one about three weeks ago. I did want to get a second humidifier for my living room, but I wasn’t planning to buy another one for a few more months. Now, I have to buy another one for my bedroom and one for the living room. I don’t even know how I dropped the humidifier. I was carrying it down the stairs, and next thing I know, it was bouncing down the steps. It must have slipped from my fingers. It was full of water, so it was a bit heavier than usual, but it was not a huge humidifier, so it was still not very heavy compared to other things that I have carried. I was carrying it carefully with both hands, but somehow, the humidifier still slipped from my fingers. I had a feeling that something would happen when I decided not to empty it before carrying it downstairs. I should have just gone with my gut and emptied the humidifier before I carried it down the stairs. Now, I don’t have a humidifier. It really stinks. I loved my humidifier. It was a rather expensive one, but it worked really well, and I was just starting to notice a difference in my dry skin. I learned my lesson the hard way. Next time, I will follow my gut. Hopefully, I will be able to get another humidifier soon.

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