I don’t understand what is wrong with my HVAC units

I really don’t understand what is wrong with my HVAC units.

I don’t understand why they don’t work at all.

How could both of my HVAC units stop working at my house at the same time? I didn’t even know that it was likely for both of my HVAC units to stop working at the same time. I thought that I was very blessed at my house. I had everything that I had ever needed. I even had two great HVAC units. I had a working furnace and a wonderful central air conditioner. Honestly, I like the central air conditioner more. I have never lived in a house with a central air conditioner before, and I was super glad to have the central air conditioner. However, now, my central air conditioner isn’t working properly. The central air conditioner isn’t very old, so I doubt that the central air conditioner is done for good. I don’t think that I will need to replace the central air conditioner anytime soon. However, the central air conditioner has been running roughly, and I know that I am going to need to call an HVAC technician before next summer. However, the season just changed, and I doubt that I will use my central air conditioner again. I figured that I would deal with it when the time came. However, when I tried to turn on my furnace due to the cold weather, I discovered that the furnace isn’t running normally either. Now, I have two broken HVAC units, and I don’t know what to do. I know that I am going to have to call an HVAC technician, but that will be expensive. I probably have the worst luck in the entire universe.


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