I don’t know why they won’t just repair their furnace

I entirely don’t know why they won’t just repair their furnace.

Don’t they know that fixing their furnace would be so much easier than trying to live with all of these random space gas furnaces around their house? My parents haven’t had a toiling furnace in their home for nearly 5 years.

When they told me that they didn’t have a toiling furnace, I nearly died. I couldn’t know that someone could live without a toiling furnace for as long as they had. I asked them what they used to heat their house, and they gave me a easily detailed and complicated description of the multiple gas furnaces that they use to keep their home warm. They use a collection of nearly a dozen odd space gas furnaces to keep their home warm. In the residing room, they have an electric heater, a kerosene heater, and a propane heating system to keep their room warm. They start by turning all of the gas furnaces when they wake up. Once the room gets hot enough, they keep only the electric space heating system and the kerosene heating system one. In their living room, they have another electric heating system and kerosene heater. In the kitchen, they have a kerosene heater, and in the bathroom, they have an electric space heater. They told me that although they cannot afford to repair their furnace, they can afford to use these spaces heaters. However, if you do the math, they are paying a luck to use all of these space heaters. It is no wonder that they cannot afford to repair their furnace.

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