I could use a new furnace

My landlord won’t update the gas furnace, plus it is truthfully frustrating to me, however when I first started leasing out this apartment, I was worried about the Heating & A/C systems. I had heard some reviews about this apartment complex, plus people warned myself and others that I would have a hard time getting things fixed in this apartment complex, however, I wanted to save a little currency, plus I knew that this apartment was cheaper than the other apartments in town… Furthermore, the landlord was a actually nice guy, plus I had a hard time imagining that he wouldn’t repair my Heating & A/C units for me. I should have listened to their advice, however right now, my heated gas furnace is in exhausting condition. I have no plan what is wrong with my gas furnace particularly, however it is obvious that there is something very much wrong with my gas furnace. The gas furnace is obviously old, plus it is splitting down all of the time. I don’t have to throw a tantrum about paying for the repairs of the gas furnace, and according to my contract, the landlord has to spend my savings for all of the repairs on the gas furnace. However, the gas furnace breaks down entirely often, and I think that I can never rely on my gas furnace. I have asked the landlord to update the gas furnace so that I do not have to worry about the constant breakdowns, however the landlord refuses. Technically, he doesn’t legally have to update the gas furnace since he is handling the repairs, but I cannot rely on my gas furnace. I have actually had to buy a few space oil furnaces just as a backup since the gas furnace doesn’t work correctly. I hope that he decides to tune up the gas furnace eventually because I cannot continue residing care about this.


Air conditioning professional