I could not figure out how to recharge our a/c

I easily could not figure out how to recharge the a/c in our car.

I hated the car that I was driving.

The car had a major problem with the a/c. Sure, the a/c would toil if you recharged the a/c, but the leak was so poor in the a/c that the a/c would not even remain running for an entire afternoon. The only reason that I was even driving the car was that the car was given to myself and others as a gift, plus I could not afford a better car at the time. Otherwise, I would have absolutely ditched that car for a better car. I had only had it for a few weeks when I found out that the a/c would toil if you recharged the a/c, my father-in-law tried to recharge the a/c before I went to visit our parents. He had never tried recharging the a/c before, but the two of us were so thrilled when it worked. Even if the a/c only worked for a few ninths, it would be worth it to have an a/c on that trip. When the two of us got there, the a/c was already starting to turn off, so the two of us realized that the two of us would have to charge the a/c before any major trip. I loved the time with our family, plus when it was time to leave, I decided to try to recharge our a/c! Unluckyly, I could not figure out why our central a/c was not toiling properly. I had no system that I was trying to charge the a/c from the wrong arena. It didn’t work, plus I had to drive that car the entire trip without an a/c before I realized what was wrong.


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