I can’t afford a giant roof failure

I fell absolutely exhausting for our competitor.

  • He lost hundreds of thoUnited Statesnds of dollars in merchandise when his commercial roof collapsed, and i do not suppose if he will ever be able to reuse from that, not that it would be any skin off of our teeth if he didn’t; However, his misfortune got me thinking, however what is keeping the same thing from happening to me? I asked a roofing supplier friend of mine about how to avoid this kind of damage and he told me that I should have a roof inspection done at least once a year.

He said that professional roofing suppliers go up and take a look at your roof, make sure it’s in nice shape, and even do any patches or repairs that may be required! That sounds enjoy a pretty satisfactory preventative measure to me. I decided to hire our buddies roofing company to do the commercial roof inspection for our business. They did find a few areas of concern. Thankfully, they were able to service the roof for the time being. However, they told me that I might guess of getting the whole roof updated within the next few years. There’s no emergency but they offered me some roofing possibilities to beginning looking at. I’m kind of torn between the TPO roofing or the EPDM roofing. I have a large contract payout in about 6 weeks. I guess after that, I shall go ahead and get the commercial roof replacement. I hadrather pay cash now rather than lose all of our merchandise in January, when the rain hit.


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