I am so upset over my air purifier.

I am so upset with my air purifier.

  • I have had it for almost three years now, and it worked well for me.

When this one broke, I was upset. My dad was such a good guy that he went out and bought me a new air purifier. I worried what my mom was going to say when she found out about my dad making the purchase. She and dad haven’t gotten along for quite some time now. I’m afraid that if she finds out he got me such a good air purifier for my apartment, that she will get angry. She may think he is trying to buy my love. The truth is that dad is always giving me things I need. I used to work part time for the home center, when I was in college. I knew quite a bit about air purifiers, since that was the department I worked in most often. I took one look at the air purifier dad gave me, and I couldn’t believe it. It was the best air purifier we had in the store. I looked up the reviews and it was said to clean up to 99.97% of all impurities in the air. It even had its own HEPA air filter. I know that the air filters are going to be a bit expensive, but it is a small air purifier. It isn’t a whole home air purifier that goes into the HVAC system. I’m glad my dad was nice enough to buy me this air purifier and I cooked him his favorite lasagna to thank him.


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