I am happy with the new HEPA air conditioner filters

Trust me, I am not looking for additional chores to do around the house.

I’m pretty much that guy who sticks to just the basics.

My fiance plus I both have full time, stressful work responsibilities. Our work tasks require a ton of time, commitment plus energy. She works in retail management full time plus has an unrelenting schedule through each week. I run a landscaping corporation plus I am doing physically demanding work each plus every day. When I come home, I want a beer plus some heating as well as A/C comfort. Whether it be winter or summer, I am all about soaking up the heating as well as A/C treated air inside our home. But my fiance comes home to our condo plus goes right into household chores. I don’t suppose I have ever seen her with her feet up in the heating as well as A/C comfort. I inquired about this early on in our marriage. She told me that if she kicked back in the heating as well as A/C comfort after work, she might just stay there plus not move all evening. That motivated me to make sure that I was at least doing my fair share of the household chores. One thing I do is to be sure that both of us have enjoyable indoor air quality. It’s crucial to our overall health as well as our immune response. It’s not that much effort, you have to believe me. I simply got rid of the cheap paper heating as well as A/C air filters. They do only enough air filtering to protect the heating as well as A/C. Those cheap air filters do nothing to help us. I updated them with HEPA genre air filters. That’s because they genuinely trap plus contain 99.9 percent of airborne contaminants. That leads to much better air quality inside our entire home.


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