I adjust the thermostat at work without telling anyone

I know that this is probably not what I am supposed to do, but I change the thermostat at work a lot without telling anyone. The reason that this is not a good thing is that I have no authority to change the thermostat without asking anyone. However, I get very uncomfortable at work, and nobody is willing to do anything about it. Our boss is very cheap when it comes to the HVAC units. Sure, he will make sure that the HVAC units are working properly, and if the HVAC units ever stop working, our boss will pay an HVAC technician to fix the HVAC units, but that does not mean that he allows us to use the HVAC units properly to keep us comfortable. During the summer, we are still warm in the office even though we have a nice central air conditioner. At first, I thought that something was wrong with the central air conditioner or the vent, but when I noticed that the thermostat was set to 80 degrees, I figured it out. During the winter, the furnace doesn’t heat us up very well, and we have to wear sweaters to work. Sometimes, if I am feeling very uncomfortable, I will sneak over to the thermostat and change the temperature. I know that I could definitely get into a lot of trouble by doing this, but I know that my boss won’t change the thermostat if I ask, so I have to take matters into my own hands. Maybe I should just find a better job instead of where they actually use their HVAC units properly.

Air conditioning expert