HVAC sunrooms were made for mild winters

It’s finally great to acknowledge that my life is going quite well.

The pandemic has been horrible and my heart aches for so many. I’m in the age range that is catching the worst of it. And there have been many dear friends that are no longer here. This virus has forced me inside the HVAC security of my home. I really don’t live my home and its HVAC comfort much. There is the grocery store. But, I get there when it opens to do my shopping with as few people around as possible. Other than some daily exercise or a trip to the park, I’m in the HVAC of my home. Thankfully, I love my home and feel so comfortable in it. We moved here about 5 years ago after my wife and I retired. It has been so great ever since and I imagine it will be again when the pandemic has ebbed. Until then, I am so grateful to have a sunroom and live where the winter is mild. That combination is going to get me through. Our sunroom was added when we moved down here. The great thing about it is that it has its own ductless HVAC to keep it comfortable. The winters are indeed mild but they are still cool and even cold at times. That makes having the HVAC to maintain a great temperature so vital to our sunroom. I know that I can happily pass this most unusual winter inside the HVAC comfort of that wonderful sunroom.


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