Huge issue with my HVAC energy bills

This past year I was actually so busy because of all of my crazy life circumstances as well as taxing days at work so I made the decision to take a break.

For the first time ever, I treated myself to a nice vacation on a far away beach.

I actually was so thrilled about the very thought of relaxing in warm, continual sun as well as listening to the noise of the ocean hitting the shore. I absolutely could not wait to arrive at my tropical destination as well as say goodbye to the concerns of the cold season back home. When I left my dwelling though, I was sure to keep the temperature control set to a low operating level. When you reside in a frigid climate, you must make sure that your indoor air never becomes so frigid that your pipes end up freezing. This is basically why I kept my temperature control going even when the dwelling was empty. I absolutely did not want to come back to a homeowner nightmare when my pipes burst as well as flooded the location because of the frigid temperatures outdoors. Regrettably, I did not foresee a major storm blowing through the section as well as blowing over a single one of our trees. When I made it back to the dwelling I was shocked to see a pretty huge branch sticking out of our roof. The limb was pretty much puncturing our roof as well as the attic floor, so it stuck into the ceiling of my second floor. Unfortunately, because the temperature control had been trying to keep up with the central heating, cooling, as well as air quality control settings that I left on, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C appliance had been running non-stop for a solid week. When I managed to get the energy bill in the mail, I was more stressed out than before I left for vacation.
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