Hoping to have my HVAC system worked on

Summer is nearly here, and because of all this COVID nonsense I am 100% sure all the best summertime festival and concert tours will be canceled; I live for the summertime tunes season, and do my best to take in 10 or 12 shows every summertime, but this year there will be none, but except if you count tunisians playing at loft on a live stream, however I most assuredly do not count that! If I wanted to watch tv I would stay loft and watch tv already, however another thing that has been weighing on me in a big way is the upcoming summertime heat, and if my central Heating & Air Conditioning plan will be up to the task this year.

I try to have a full Heating & Air Conditioning inspection done every single year, and I time it to happen a few weeks before the pet days of summertime.

This year my everyday heating and cooling company is closed down, and only taking emergency calls, since this does not qualify as an A/C emergency in any sense of the word, they are not calling myself and others back. If and when the thing goes belly up and I am stuck without any A/C at all, maybe then they will take my calls. Of courseI may just be getting myself all worked up over nothing, thanks to several years worth of annual checkups, my Heating & Air Conditioning unit hasn’t gone through any issues in a long, long time; Does that mean my A/C is reliable and I shouldn’t worry about it, or does it mean i am long overdue for a major malfunction. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you know soon.

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