HOA has sights set on me over minor HVAC issue

It will be interesting to see how it all turns out

Whenever I can be part of something that is intended for the greater good, I’m all in. I’m that way in my professional life and my life as a citizen. I do this because I like to lend my voice to the common good. So, I do understand the way groups tend to act when there is benefit to all stakeholders. This is why the way the HOA is reacting to a minor HVAC situation is beyond ridiculous. I get the fact that we all want to protect the value of our homes and property. There are reasonable standards that are in place to ensure that is the case. Yet, the HOA board just went after some really good folks because of an insignificant HVAC issue. There are some elderly people in our community who are living on a very fixed income. They have recently been threatened with fines and legal action due to the color of their HVAC compressor cabinets. These HVAC cabinets are simply faded from the sun. However, the HOA wants these people, who have limited resources, to completely replace the HVAC in their homes. It’s the most inane situation I could imagine. Well, I couldn’t sit by and let this happen. Together with some other like minded neighbors, we pushed back on the HOA. Not only did we overwhelm the last HOA meeting with people who adamantly opposed this misinterpretation of the bylaws. We also retained legal counsel to show these power hungry fools that we were serious. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. But, I know I won’t ever let it go in the name of right and fairness.

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