HEPA filters for good indoor air quality

The only thing that I can say about HEPA filters is that I wish I had discovered them much sooner.

To my misfortune, I have been a lifelong allergy sufferer and ever since I was a baby my parents were making a fuss over me trying to find a way to solve the problems with my allergies.

I wasn’t as lucky as kids with allergies are today, because a lot of the HVAC technology that I take for granted now didn’t exist when I was growing up. Where I lived, having heating and cooling just wasn’t something people had, never mind air purifiers. I was a teenager when the whole home air purification system became available and my parents rushed to get me one. I was lucky enough to have one then, and it really helped my allergies because it cleaned my indoor air quality and removed any dust, dirt, or allergens that might contribute to making my allergies worse. Nowadays, my allergies have vastly improved, and I suppose you could say that I mostly did outgrow it, however I still have them pop up every now and again and for when it does I have a HEPA filter. I purchased one from my HVAC company and they do a similar job to the whole home air purification system, keeping the air clean and germ free for a healthier me. I am lucky enough to not need it as much anymore but I still like to have it for the bad days when my allergies try to sneak their way back in and it makes my home more clean and inviting for guests.


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