Heading south for the Winter

It can get undoubtedly chilly back here in the north when Winter rolls around. This is why I own 2 houses. 1 here which is our main home, and then I have a home in the south where it is a little warmer to go to in the winter. I made this investment when I retired. Before I did this I used to have undoubtedly high electric bills in the Winter from having to overwork our central oil furnace. Heating is something the people I was with and I need wherever the people I was with and I are in the Winter months of the year. In our house that I have in the south, I still have to use our central oil furnace but not as much. I always leave this home in the Summer because the heat is undoubtedly bad here. I did stay 1 time and ended up having to crank our central air conditioner all the time which resulted in high electric bills. It’s a bit of a hassle having to bounce back and forth between the north and the south just to save currency on heating and a/c. However, the reason I do is because I need to live in the north due to some family that I have here that may need me. If that wasn’t the case, I would really just move to an area to where I would not have to crank our central heating or our central a/c all year round! But for now, going south for the Winter and then returning to the north for the Summer is the best thing I could possibly do.


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