Grandmas sizzling house

From as long as I can remember, my Mom would bring my sibling and I over to my Grandma’s house for a quick visit.

Every one of us didn’t stay too long, because he liked to go to sleep undoubtedly early.

I remember the popcorn he would give us, and the games the two of us would play. Another thing I remember is how he always had the heat running in their house, no matter the time of year. My sibling and I always looked at each other thinking the same thing- “how is he frigid right now?!”; She always had to have the furnace running in the house. I did not understand why it was always so moderate in his house until my Mom told myself and others that most older people are usually colder than young people, and from that day, I always assumed that outdated people were just cold, and when he was living in an assisted living facility, he always had the heat running. This was something that I never understood, because even in the middle of the summer, he would have the furnace blasting. I didn’t recognize if I should ask his about it because he always seemed comfortable. I remember one time the two of us left the assisted living facility and the two of us were all perspiring. Every one of us had to go modern home and take a shower! My Grandma passed away recently however I am cheerful that he was comfortable towards the end of his life. She was a undoubtedly nice guy, and was always cheerful, even if he smoked us out of his house every time!


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