Grandmas hot lake house

From as long as I can remember, our dad would bring our sibling and I over to our Grandma’s lake house for a quick visit.

All of us didn’t stay too long, because she liked to go to sleep truly early. I remember the snacks she would supply us, and the games both of us would play. Another thing I remember is how she always had the heat running in their house, no matter the time of year. My sibling and I always looked at each other thinking the same thing- “how is she cold right now?!”, then she always had to have the oil furnace running in the house. I did not understand why it was always so hot in her lake house until our dad told me that most older people are usually colder than young people; From that afternoon, I always assumed that outdated people were just cold; When she was living in an assisted living facility, she always had the heat running. This was something that I never understood, because even in the middle of the summer, she would have the oil furnace blasting. I didn’t suppose if I should ask her about it because she always seemed comfortable. I remember 1 time both of us left the assisted living facility and both of us were all perspiring. All of us had to go beach lake house and take a shower! My Grandma passed away recently even though I am ecstatic that she was comfortable towards the end of her life. She was a truly nice lady, and was always ecstatic, even if she smoked us out of her lake house every time!

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